Once upon a time there was this boy that every morning he would wake up with a stomach ache. He was a good actor so I would let him stay home and skip school. He did this many times, especially on a Monday. He used up this excuse so many times that the school began to harass me that he was missing too much school.

One day, he woke up with a stomach ache and he begged me to stay home. I had enough of him always claiming the same story so I said no. I told him, “You are going to school because you’ve missed too much”. I sent him away to school. Within the first hour of school the nurse called me that I needed to pick up him up because he wasn’t feeling well. So I did but it was considered an excused absence since they were the ones sending him home. I called his pediatrician and they gave me an appointment for later that day.

I took him home and had him lay down until his appointment time. The whole time he would be screaming, “You don’t love, you love your foster kids more”. He wanted my attention and unfortunately I couldn’t baby him since I had four foster kids with me under the age five. I would go in there and check-up on him and tell him to just rest that soon we would go see the doctor. I gave him Tylenol for the pain and Pepto bismol for his stomach ache.

It was finally his appointment and he saw the doctor but by this time he could barely walk. He would walk hunched over holding his stomach. I began to worry. The doctor saw him and said that I needed to take him to the emergency room as soon as possible because he was either becoming a diabetic or his appendix was about to burst.

This boy was my son. I felt like the worst mother that day. I had to go drop off all my foster kids with my in laws while I rushed to the emergency room. Once we arrived at the hospital he had no more pain. The doctors saw him and they were going to send him home. Was my son such a good actor for attention? I refused to leave the hospital because they needed to rule out his appendix. They were claiming that his sugar was high because he was becoming diabetic, but my son is the healthiest eater, it couldn’t be possible.

The doctors didn’t want to do the CAT scan because according to their test, he didn’t have signs of appendicitis. I had to talk to many doctors and explain that he was in a lot of pain a couple hours earlier. They finally listened and did the CAT scan. The doctors came back and immediately admitted him. His appendix had already burst and his body had gone through the worst pain already; he couldn’t feel pain anymore.

My son was hospitalized for two weeks to fight the infection of the toxic waste that had been released internally. They couldn’t do surgery on him due to it being too risky. Once his body fought the infection, he got the surgery to remove the appendix.

My son was ten years old when this happened but he was the real boy that cried wolf. If I wouldn’t have advocated for him, my son could have died from all these toxic waste inside him. Listen to your children and explain to them that they should not lie about having pain because it could lead to serious consequences.


photo credit: http://www.ayoungertheatre.com/review-the-boy-who-cried-wolf/