Beauty. What is Beauty? My husband says that I'm beautiful. He knows who I really am and he still thinks that I'm beautiful. I tell him that he must be blind and sick. That there is no one in their right mind who would think I'm beautiful after everything I've done to him.

But honestly, what is beauty? I don't feel beautiful. I feel very ugly inside and out right now. He can't see that I'm not beautiful anymore. I'm broken.

Beauty doesn't bring you happiness. Beauty brings you heartbreak and temptation. When I feel beautiful I cause him pain because he feels that I might get confused. I can't seem to give him peace of mind.  I wish I wouldn't feel beautiful to stop this madness. It's a cycle that I can't break.  Beauty is a curse. Beauty hurts. He fears that someone will find they key to my heart and snatch me away.

I wish I could see what he sees in me. Why can't I love him the way he loves me, unconditionally. Beauty causes pain. So, what is beauty? Please tell me if you know.