I don't know about you but I find it very offensive when I see a man with a shirt with a half naked women on it. I get it that he can wear whatever he wants but come on. What's the point of exposing those images to everyone around you.

Well that was my brother in law, he would wear those shirts around us. I would have discussions with him every time but he didn't care. He began to have a family now and he was still wearing those shirts. The shirt would have a girl in a bikini that barely covered her with a sexual pose. On top of her it had the words, "Wifey".

I got a bright idea. His wife was now pregnant with his second child and he was still wearing those shirts around his one year old daughter. It was Christmas time and I was going to prank him.

I gave him a special gift wrapped in a Victoria Secret box. He opened it and found his favorite shirt that says "Wifey" on top with the half naked model on it. He placed it on himself to see if it fit him and the shirt is now facing his wife. His wife looks at it and immediately pulls it away from him.

She can't stop laughing and is holding the shirt to herself. He finally grabs it and sees what she sees. We photo shopped his real wives face into the model's face. I figured that if he is going to wear a shirt that says "Wifey", he should expose his real wife's face. He can't stop laughing.

They were a good sports for our pranking gift but now the pressure was on him to wear it. He never again wore those shirts around his family. He finally matured and he understood what I was trying to convey to him.

If you would like to see the video of him opening his present, copy this link https://youtu.be/Bu-CqjI0t-o


photo credit: http://www.bewild.com/tits-two-in-the-shirt6.html