Everyone has a pet peeve.  What is your pet peeve? I’m going to share a funny story of how mine almost got me in trouble with the law.

It was time to take my kids to school.  I had to park across the street to drop then off in front of the school. I had to walk with them since they were too young to cross alone.  I crossed with them and came back to the car.  As I’m in my car, I see this black SUV fly by me.  I couldn’t believe how fast she was driving while seeing all these kids running to school because the bell had rung.  I was burning inside, I couldn’t let it go.

I decided to follow her to give her a piece of my mind. I noticed that she had also dropped her daughter off and kept going.  I began to follow her so I can get next to her but she stayed in residential streets, where it was one lane each direction. I followed her for a good five or ten minutes and she is not coming to a stop.  She finally pulls over and this was my chance.  I get next to her car and I rolled down my passenger window.  She rolls down her window and I tell her in a very loud serious voice, “I better never ever see you drive in front of the school like that again”! She looked at me like she didn’t care what I said. That got me furious.  I just put my window up and I decided that I’m calling the cops on her then.

Since it wasn’t an emergency I called the local non-emergency number.  I talked to the operator and explained that I’m trying to report a vehicle that was driving unsafe in front of a school.  The guy laughs at me and asked what type of vehicle I’m driving.  I’m confused as to why he is asking for my vehicle description.  I tell him and he can’t stop laughing.  He finally tells me that a lady called in stating that a crazy lady with my vehicle description is following her since she dropped her daughter off at school and she is scared.

I start to laugh because she is calling me crazy. I explain that she wouldn’t pull over so I couldn’t talk to her so I followed her until she did.  I told him that I want this to be recorded of how unsafe she was driving because next time I see her, I expect them to cite her.  I made my point that day.  One of my pet peeves is people driving unsafe around kids. I’ve seen too many accidents in my life and I would hate a tragedy to happen because of these people. I never saw her car again, so I think I made my point that day.

I’ve shared one of my pet peeves, what is yours?


photo credit:http://holzeredwardsinjurylawyers.com/2014/10/help-keep-school-zones-safe/