“Ready, Set, Go”! shouted the girl standing in the middle of the street between two cars.  There I was, witnessing the street races.  It was exciting seeing the competition go against each other.

Since the race would end where no one was standing, the winner would blink his emergency lights to let everyone know that he won. While they waited for their turn, the racers would be ramming their engines to intimidate their opponent.  Every time a muscle car would ram its engine, you would feel the waves of vibration pass by you.

We noticed a car parked with its parking lights on farther down the street from where we were at.  We had taken over a small street behind some warehouses so there was no regular traffic passing by.  Everyone there was either a spectator or to race but this car was too far to be either.   No one wanted to go see who it was so the races continued. We figured if it was a cop he would have came by now.

My husband decided to race now.  We got into the car and went to get in line.  His best friend went with us that time, so he was sitting in the back seat of our 2 door Honda Civic.

There I was excited to be part of the street races, I was so nervous but excited at the same time.  The girl waved us down to go and the race begins. As we race, we see cop cars with its lights on approaching in front of us.  My husband let go of the gas and he tried to pretend he was driving down the street.  Everyone on the street is shouting, “Five-O”.  You see everyone running into their cars and everyone taking off different directions.

My husband decides to make a u turn to get lost within the crowd.  We finally blend in and a cop is following us.  So he moves and squeezes in between other cars and the cop is still following us.  That’s the moment the we realize that he wants to pull us over.  He had his lights on the entire time.  There are more cars than cops, so he knew he could get away.

My husband decides that it will not be him tonight.  He begins to maneuver between cars and the chase begins.  There was a line of cars in this one lane each direction street.  The cars are going slow because obviously no one wants to stand out. My husband finally decides to go on the opposite side to pass them up. The cop can’t, due to a car approaching.  That was it, that was our break.

We are finally hit a the main road and we can see cop cars coming with their lights on towards our direction. We are going full speed towards them. As the cop cars pass us, they begin to make u-turns behind us. We keep going, just screaming, ” They are coming”.  He is going as fast as he can and we get to a red light. We notice a cop on the side of the road ahead of us, he had pulled someone over; that’s the only reason why he stopped. We didn’t want to take the red light in front of the cop.  We are screaming at my husband to just go because we can the see the cop cars getting closer. This was around one in the morning and the streets are completely empty, its ghost town.

He finally takes it and punches it.  As soon, we crossed that light, we make a quick left turn into the freeway.  We get into the freeway but we are still looking back.  We see no cop cars.  We made it.  He begins to just go with the flow of traffic and we get off the freeway about four exits down. We pull into a gas station and all three of us can’t believe that just happened.   Our mouths are dry and our heart still beating like if we had just ran a mile. Our adrenaline was so high that we are extremely thirsty now.

That was the last time we went to the street races.  We learned our lesson and never went back.  If we would have been pulled over, we probably would have been arrested because they caught us in the act of street racing and this would have been my husband’s second time being caught.  It would have been my first time being arrested. We began to think about all the things that could have happen. We could have easily lost control while trying to maneuver between all those cars. We learned our lesson and never went back.


Photo credit: https://quotesgram.com/illegal-street-racing-quotes/