I’m hurting right now.  I can’t continue living with someone who is jealous.  Due to my poor decisions in the past, I have to pay for people hitting on me.

Just recently, a guy posted on my Instagram that he would like to travel with me and share travel stories.  My husband saw that and freaked out.  He thinks that a man is going to virtually scoop me away from him. Yes, I’ve made mistakes in the past and I’m vulnerable right now since I’m not in love with him but how dare him treat me like this.

He was angry at me for another persons remark.  I did not engage with this stranger.  This person did message me asking me personal questions but I was able to manage and ignore him.  Men are visual and just because they see a picture of me, they become curious.

He has always been jealous but lately he takes it so personal and makes me scared.  I shouldn’t fear my own husband but I do.  He becomes very violent if I give him the cold shoulder because he can’t handle me ignoring him.  He can’t control himself and wants to hurt himself when I do.  I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t do anything to deserve to be treated this way but I was trying to stay strong. Every day it gets harder to suck it up.

My heart hurt so much by trying to hold in my tears.  I feel like a piece of heart dies every time he does this to me.  I had to remove all my pictures even on my blog to avoid future situations.  I should be able to be free and be me but I always have to feel restricted because of his jealousy. I hope no one ever feels like I do.


photo credit : http://relationshipsadvice.co/how-to-deal-with-jealousy-in-a-relationship