Drums rolling………and the award for the worst parents goes to…….My husband and I. I have to share how evil parents we are.

So it was Christmas time and for the first time we had actually purchased all their gifts on time. For whatever reason, I hate spending money that I don’t have for gifts. This year was different and we had purchased and wrapped them under the tree two weeks before Christmas Day.
This was killing my kids. It was like taunting a kid with a candy they can’t have. Every day they would ask, “Can we open one present please”? The answer was, “No”! I finally had enough of this and decided to take matters in my own way.
I told my husband that we were going to allow each of our kids open one present. My husband looked at me with a confused look because we had agreed that until Christmas. I explained that it would be a prank gift, to trust me.
That night I wrapped up one prank present for each of my kids and I placed under the tree. The next morning my kids were eating breakfast and again the asked me the million dollar question. “Can we open a present please”? And my response was, “Yes, but I select it”.
My kids were shocked to hear my answer. After they finished their breakfast they came to the Christmas tree and sat down on the floor. They were so excited to finally open one gift. I told them that I would have to record this but they needed to open all at the same time.
I handed them their gift and they began to open. They were smiling and laughing that they finally get what they want. My oldest son ends up opening his first and discovers a water bottle as his gift. He immediately knew he just got pranked. My daughter is still opening hers and begins to laugh at his gift. My son was just quiet drinking his water bottle as he witnesses his two other siblings openings theirs.
My daughter finally opens hers and finds a toothbrush. Her face just drops. She is just mad that how can I do this to her. My mother in law tells her she at least got a new toothbrush, that’s it’s better than a water bottle. My daughter tells her grandma that’s it’s her current toothbrush, it’s not been a new one. I can stop laughing seeing their reactions. Finally, my other son opens his gift and discovers his old hat. He is so upset that he throws it at me while I’m filming.

YouTube video 

I explained to them that I just needed them to get the urgency of unwrapping something so they can stop asking me to open a gift. Next time, they will think twice before asking to open a gift.  

If you would like to see the video, click on the YouTube link.