There I was laying in a small doctor’s bed on my stomach. I had just gotten plastic surgery to remove all my excess skin due to my pregnancies that I had back to back. I had gotten my stitches out but the doctor had offered to give me a massage with his machine to help with the pain.

He put a white towel over me and began to massage my back. It felt so good.  I almost fell asleep.  But then I began to feel something strange. Every time he would do my upper legs, I would feel something poking me by my inner thighs.  At first I thought it was the machine but I soon realized that it wasn’t. Why does this have to happen to me? I felt violated and I couldn’t scream.  This doctor was my mother-one-laws friend and what if she doesn’t believe me, like my mom didn’t when I was younger. I just closed my eyes and prayed to God to make it stop, just like I did when I was younger.

The whole time this was happening to me, I was crying inside.  Every time he would put the machine by my upper legs thigh area, he would  rub his fingers by my private area. He would get his body closer to me every time.  I could feel him standing next to the table but closer to my body, almost bending over on purpose.

Once he was finished I pretended to be asleep.  He left the room and I began to cry.  I couldn’t believe what just had happened to me.  I had to come out of the room and pretend that nothing happened.  It was the worst feeling.  All my childhood memories came back to life and he had no idea the damage he had caused.

There are some evil people in this world and sometimes we have to experience how sick they are.  Never trust anyone around your children.  I wish I could have had the strength to fight him but I wasn’t brave enough yet.