I took my kids to San Francisco two years ago and I wanted to rent bicycles so we can bike the famous bridge.  Little did I know is that my pre-teens didn’t know how to ride a bicycle.  I was so embarrassed that I had forgotten to teach my kids when they were younger.  I told them that when we would get home, I would go buy them their own bike and teach them.

Thats exactly what I did, I bought them their own bike the following weekend.  I took them to the park where they have a sidewalk that is like a small road around the whole park.  We gave instructions of what to do and they got it.

We were watching them bike on the sidewalk of the park.  I witness my daughter going very slow since she was still learning how to balance herself.  My youngest son was going a little faster and was approaching her from behind.  He was passing her on her left side and suddenly my daughter loses control and ends up crashing into the bushes that were on the right side of the sidewalk.

My husband and I start laughing that she fell into the bushes, I know we are evil parents.  I’m sure normal parents would run to see if their child is okay. There was a couple sitting nearby and they ran to help her.  There are some good people in this world still.  My daughter gets out of the bushes and gets back on and comes to tattletale on her brother. She comes crying claiming that her little brother pushed her into the bushes.  My daughter was lying, I saw it happened. By that time,  my son comes around and stops to find out what happened.  My son explains that he was passing her and shouts, “Boo”!

My daughter is embarrassed of what happened and confirms that is what happened.  She didn’t hear him coming from behind and she became starttled and lost control when he said Boo.  Kids will be kids.