Stranger danger! I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before. These are the dangers of opening your home to strangers.

We got back from hiking and all my kids were sweaty and tired. My daughter decides to start doing her chore.  She begins to wash the dishes. My foster daughter begins to ask if she can help and my daughter said no.  She told her that she should go take a shower since she was all sweaty.

My foster daughter got upset that my daughter doesn’t want her help and begins to threaten my daughter.  She tells her that if she doesn’t let her help her she will say that she cut her with the potato peeler. My daughter is shocked.

My husband was playing basketball outside with my foster son when all this was happening and I was upstairs.  We had just gotten back from hiking so we were all cooling down, except my husband and foster son.

My foster daughter opens the sliding door and tells my husband that my daughter cut her with the potato peeler.  My husband immediately stops playing and is confused as to what she is saying.  He asked her again to repeat what she said.  By the second time, my daughter defends herself.  She explains that what she is saying is not true that she is just upset because she refused her help.  My husband asked to see where the cut is and she has nothing in her hand.

I came downstairs and find them all talking about what my foster daughter just did.  My foster daughter admits that she was just playing around.  She is a foster child and any allegation like that will not be taking lightly.  When you’re a foster parent, you lose rights in your home.  If my foster daughter would have had a cut and continued to make this allegation, this would have opened an investigation.  In the foster world, you are guilty until your proven innocent.

Many people don’t know the dangers when they begin to do foster care and get in sticky situations like this because these kids are not mentally stable.  They want to seek attention in anyway possible.

I made this a big deal.  I reported the whole incident to the social workers because I needed documentation of what an impulsive liar she was in case she ever pulled a stunt like this again. She had just been in my home for two weeks so I was still getting to know her. I practically had to warn my own biological kids to stay away from these foster kids because they can accuse them of anything and it’s their word vs our word. Unfortunately the system protects them so much that anything they say, would be extremely difficult to contest.

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