I have a funny wax story to share with you about my daughter.  She was starting seventh grade and she asked me if she can get her eyebrows waxed.  I asked her why and she explained that everyone at school gets them done.  I replied to her, “Ok”. I still remember seeing her face of surprise because I didn’t argue with her.

I took her to my wax lady and I informed her that we were there for my daughter.  I tell the lady that we just want a clean up.

My daughter is so confused because I’m being all nice about her getting her eyebrows waxed. The lady asked my daughter to lay down and she begins to prepare the stuff.  She puts the wax on one eyebrow and puts the white strip when my daughter says, “Stop,  I don’t want to do it anymore”.

I was recording my daughter because I knew she was going to be dramatic.  I have to get up from my chair and tell her that she needs to stop touching the wax and let her do her job.  She is begging that she changed her mind. She doesn’t want to get them waxed.  I had to hold her hands down because she wouldn’t stop touching it.  I’m laughing because she finally realized that it was going to hurt.

The lady pulls the strip and my daughter cries in pain and begins to get out of chair.  She tells me that  she doesn’t want to do it anymore. The lady and I begin to laugh. She has to get the other one done too or else she will look ridicules with one eye brow waxed and one not.  We force her to sit down and to relax and she finally gets the second one done.

This day was extremely funny for me because my daughter wanted to be just like everyone else but didn’t know what she was really asking for.  She never again asked me to take her to get her eyebrows waxed again.  She is now a sophomore in high school and just started to get them done but she is more mature now. Sometimes you have to let your kids experience things so they can learn the hard way. Now my daughter even gets them threaded instead of waxing.