I was fifteen years old and I didn’t know if I was a virgin.  When you’re Hispanic, they celebrate your fifteen in this big party because your transitioning from a child to a young lady.  I felt like an imposter because I wasn’t sure if I was a virgin.  It’s the worst feeling not knowing if your pure because you can’t talk to anyone.

I was sixteen now and I was going through a rebellious phase.  I finally had the courage to tell my mom that something happened to me when I was younger.  I told her that one of my uncles had been molesting me but it felt like a nightmare every time.  I told her that I wasn’t sure how far he had gone since I would just close my eyes and pray for it be over.

My mom didn’t believe me.  She thought I had made up the story because I was being rebellious and I wanted to distract her from what was really going on. I was heartbroken that my own mother didn’t believe me.

I had a boyfriend at that time and the next day I asked him to have sex with me because I needed to know if I was pure.  I had avoided even thinking about sex because I didn’t want to know the truth but my mom made me feel horrible.  I didn’t care anymore so I went even crazier.

I had sex with him and I was pure.  I was still a virgin but now I wasn’t because my mom betrayed me.  I went through a phase of not caring about my body because I was angry at my mom for not believing me.  No one should ever feel like this.  Their mom is supposed to have their back regardless of what is going on.

Living with her was killing me inside.  I was a straight A student and had a bright future ahead but she broke my heart and I stopped caring for everything.  I met my husband a year later and I ended up falling in love with him because he accepted me for who I was.  He believed me of what had happened to me and gave me hope that there are good people in this world.  I ended up running away from my mom’s house to go with my husband.  My husband saved me. I’ve been married to him half my life now but we are having problems.  I know we don’t all get the happily ever after ending but he was there when I needed him the most.