I’m sure you’ve seen the movies when someone falls overboard and you think that can’t happen to me in real life.  Well, it happen to me one time and it was quite embarrassing.

My family owned a small boat that we would take every holiday to the lake.  I was 14 years old and we had gone to Lake Perris, which is in California.  My uncle had released the boat into the water and we were just enjoying the ride.

My cousins were always his helpers when it came to docking the boat. My uncle would slowly approach the dock and one cousin would jump off to push the boat away from dock so it wouldn’t hit too hard.  We had these white plastic things that would absorb the shock so the boat would not get damaged. I had seen this a million times and I had asked my uncle if I could help and he would always say no.

One day my uncle and I went for a ride and again I asked him if I could help.  After trying so many times he agreed.  He told me to jump and just push the boat away as my cousins had done before. I was so excited to be part of this.

I remember getting butterflies in my stomach because I was finally going to be his helper.  The boat began to approach the dock and I jumped off the boat on to the dock.  I kept going. I fell into the water on the other side of the dock.  I jumped off with too much momentum and didn’t realize how narrow the dock was.

Everyone on the dock started laughing because they all witnessed what just happened to me.  It was not funny at the time but now I realized that it was.  I was fully clothed with tennis shoes when I fell in the water. I couldn’t even play it off that I went for a last minute  swim.