Let me start by saying that you should never go to a water park in a two piece. I made that mistake the first time I went to the Atlantis Water Park that is located in Nassau, Bahamas.

It was my first time going and I was wearing a two piece because I wanted to get a tan. We walked up to this pyramid.  Once you get to top they inform you to lay down with your feet crossed and your arms crossed as you get into the water. It’s a water slide that goes straight down. I did exactly what they said and I went on my way down.

The slide ends at a swimming pool area and when I landed into the swimming pool a bunch of people where there taking pictures.  My top of my swimsuit went up when I landed in the water.  I was so embarrassed that someone might have taken a picture of my swimsuit malfunction.

After that malfunction, I decided to not try that pyramid ride again.  The water park has about 4-5 rides you can experience but some require an inflatable donut, which they provide.

My favorite ride was the lazy river.  It’s about a mile stretch of a man made  river that goes around the whole park. You get to just sit in your inflatable donut and let the current take you.

The second ride I enjoyed was the shark ride.  You can ride in an inflatable donut and it takes you through a tube inside where the sharks are swimming around you. If you scared of small places, I don’t recommend it.

This water park has so many swimming pools that you can really enjoy.  It has multiple pools based on your needs.  If you have small children they have a pool designated just for them. If your a couple, you can find these small secluded pools perfect for privacy.

You also have access to the beach through the water park.  You can literally walk a couple feet and be on the beach. They have lockers where you can store your property while you enjoy the park. The food is very Americanized.  You will be able to eat hamburgers and hot dogs.  The price is reasonable for being on the island.

Now this was my second time going to the water park.  The first time we got our tickets through our cruise line but they were over $100 each.  The second time I went I decided to buy them direct.  If you buy them direct, you can save almost $20 per ticket. The only difference is that you have to pay for your own taxi cab from the cruise to the park round trip.

At the end of the day it was an incredible experience.  If your planning to a trip to the Bahamas I highly recommend the park.  If you would like to see video footage please follow me on my Instagram account: yoyo_4_ever_