Who gets to say that they have been inside the White House? Me! I never imagine being inside it.  We had this trip planned out to go to D.C. and the main attraction was to visit the inside of the White House.

We finally received approval a week before my trip.  My kids and I were super excited.  We had a specific time that we have check-in.  We arrived and we saw people in line so we figured they were in line to go inside too.

We have to go through security first. You must provide your photo identification and your name.  They have your name on the list of guest who are visiting that day. Once you check-in, then they take you to a small little house.

The small house is their security area. You have to put your things though an X-ray machine belt and pass a metal detector machine.  They gave us specific instructions that we can’t take pictures or else they will confiscate our phones. No photography was allowed when I went, I was so mad.  Two weeks later, they allow photography inside the White House.

Once you pass security they explain that no restrooms are available.  If you need to use them, you must exit and can’t come back in. As you walk through security area they have picture frames of Obama’s family on the wall.  I had been so used to taking pictures of everything I would see that I almost took out my phone to snap a picture.  But then I remembered that I couldn’t.

Once you exit the security house then they walk to the White House. Entering the White House is so cool.  You see Secret Service standing in every corner with their riffles. You definitely don’t want to go towards them or look at them.

The areas that you can’t access are closed off and a Secret Service security is watching you. While your walking in you have a tour guide telling us what each rooms function is for and giving us history as we walk by. We got to see the area where they have the old China plates stored. I thought that was amazing to see. The White House is so rich in history, they had so many frames of old presidents on the wall.

As we are inside the White House you see more security come out from everywhere.  We suddenly hear a helicopter and look out the windows and see the helicopter on the lawn.  We see from a distance someone get on the helicopter and it leaves. We asked the tour guide what just happened and she explained that must be the First Lady leaving. All traffic must be stalled when the helicopter arrives and leaves the White House.

We finally get to the finish line of the tour and we see everyone outside the gates looking at us.  We were allowed to be take pictures once we were outside the White House. We took many pictures and videos.  I have them on my Instagram account if you would like to see for yourself. My user is yoyo__4_ever_