My daughter and I have annual passes to Disneyland but we wanted to take my niece and her friend with us.  My niece was three years old and her friend was four.

We decided to take them.  We had it all planned out that if we put them in a stroller and a blanket we could smuggle them in as two year olds.

We arrived to Disneyland and we put them in their own stroller.  As we go towards the entrance we are rehearsing with girls that if they get asked how old they are they have to say two.  So we test them and I began to ask my niece, “How old are you?” My niece responds, “three”.  My daughter and I look at each other and we can’t believe she said three.

We give them the speech that they have to say, “Two” or else they won’t be let in.  So this time my daughter asked my niece, “How old are you?” My niece responds, “Five”. My daughter and I look at each other and we start to crack up.  Instead of saying two, now she is going up and saying five.  Which is not even her real age.  We are panicking because we are getting closer to the gate and my niece is just playing with us.

My daughter was pushing the stroller with my niece’s friend and leaves me with the trouble maker.  My daughter got in with no trouble, they never questioned her.  I went to another line since I didn’t want to make it so suspicious.  I went to the line where I see an old man with glasses, I’m hoping his vision is not so great and let’s me in with her.

I hand him my pass and he swipes it and opens the gate for me to go with the stroller.  Then he asked about her ticket.  I panicked and pretended not to hear him and kept going.  He stops me and asked me for her ticket.  I go into Spanish mode.  I tell him in Spanish that she is two.  He looks at her and knods his head.  I begin to talk in Spanish that she is my niece and that she is still two. I was so scared that he would ask her how old she was but he didn’t. He lets me in and I go.  This whole time my daughter is looking at me and I’m so embarrassed of what just happened.

I’m never again smuggling anyone into Disneyland. My niece and her friend had fun together that day. At the end of the day, they were holding hands and became best friends for life.  It’s so adorable how my daughter and I made that happen but it was for sure a struggle to get them in.