It was summer vacation and everyone sleeps in  since no school.  It was 8 am and I heard a knock.   I heard another knock so by this time I realized that someone is knocking.  Who would knock at 8 am?

I get up and put my robe on and go downstairs.  I peek through the door and I don’t see anyone.  I open the door and no one is there.  I’m so confused because I know I heard two knocks.

I go back upstairs and lay down. Ten minutes later I began to hear some strange noise downstairs.  It sounded like someone was banging the wall right under me.  After hearing this for a couple of minutes I finally get up and I peak through my window that faces the side of the house. I noticed a male with black clothes crunched over doing something to my window downstairs.  At first I thought it was my father in law since he had the same hair cut.  It took me a couple of minutes to realize that it was an intruder.

I finally connected the dots and I whispered to my husband that is on the phone with a customer that someone is trying to break in.  I didn’t want to say it out loud since he was right under us.  My husband couldn’t understand what I was saying. He finally heard me and hung up the phone and went downstairs.  The intruder had the window half ways open already.  He had began to move the blinds to get in when my husband went to close the window on him.

I was right behind him and I began to call 911. Our house had horrible reception so they operators couldn’t hear me.  My husband was trying to find something to go to the backyard to chase the intruder but we had nothing handy.  He finally remembered that he had his golf clubs in the garage.

He got the golf club and went to the backyard but by then the intruders were running to the back wall of our backyard.  We saw two of them jumping over the wall. I was on the phone with the 911 operator was the whole time telling them what I was witnessing.

My husband decided to go to front to go catch them since the road behind our house leads to a small street around the corner.   My husband is running barefoot with just shorts and a golf stick when a car begins to approach us. The car is moving slow towards us and I’m thinking it’s the intruders.  The man gets off and says that he is an off duty officer and just witnessed two men jumping the wall behind our house.  He followed them and has the license plate of the vehicle the got into.  I immediately hand him my phone and he begins to give the description of the two guys.

Five minutes later the police arrive and they informed us that they pulled them over but we need to go and identify them.

God works in mysterious ways.  This off duty officer saved so many future families from getting robbed.  They had escaped but I know that they were going to strike again.  I learned that having locks on windows doesn’t work.  Both of the windows where locked downstairs but they knew how to open them.  The best way to protect yourself is to use a stick to block the window from opening.