Imagine walking up a dark steel stair case that spirals up and it’s so small that only you can fit. You almost have to walk sideways because it’s so narrow. The stairs spiral up so tight that only half your foot fits when you step. As you manage to go up you can’t see the finish line. This is what you will experience if you get a pass to visit the Statue of Liberty crown.

When you first arrive at the island you can walk around the Statue of Liberty from ground level.  You can take amazing pictures from that view. Once you go inside you can find a lot of rooms with different statues and editorials about the history of the United States and the building of the Statue. There is an elevator you can use to go up to the pedestal or take the stairs, like I did. Let me just tell you, taking the stairs is a workout.

Once you arrive to the pedestal you will find more mini museum rooms where you can explore or hand your pass to security to keep going up to the crown. There is no elevator to go up to the crown.

If you are scared of small spaces, going up to the crown is not for you.  As we go up the stairs, my daughter begins to hyper ventilate because she can’t see the ending.  She made the mistake of looking down.  We were high up already. My daughter was only 13 years old and this was the first time she had ever been in such a small space. I had to talk her into relaxing her mind in order for her to keep going.  It was a lot of stairs and you will definitely break a sweat when going up. Piece of advice, never look down once you start going up.

Once you arrive to the crown the views are incredible.  You can see New York through the eyes of the Statue Of Liberty. The space up in the crown is super small that only ten people can fit up there.  The is no air ventilation, you feel like your in a car with the windows up. The crown has windows where you can see everyone in the ground looking up at you. I’m 5’3″ and I had to be hunched over. This space was definitely made for little people. I guess back in the days, people were not as tall as today so it makes sense why these spaces were so small. I don’t consider myself tall but I definitely felt like a giant that day.

Don’t go hungry when you go to the island.  The food is extremely expensive.  I paid over $100 for 5 cheeseburger combos. We made the mistake and I would hate you to make my mistake.

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I have the video footage of going up the crown and the view inside of the crown.

If you plan to visit New York make sure to buy your tickets 6 months ahead because a visit to the crown is space limited. Anyone can visit the island last minute, but not everyone can get a pass to the crown.