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I love to travel, well who doesn’t?  I’m sure we all would if we could.  I want to share where I have been with you. I live in California but I love New York.  I’ve been there multiple times now and I feel like sharing what I have experienced.

This will be my first post about New York. They built one of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere named, One World Trade Center, but best known as Freedom Tower.  It also has the one of fastest elevators in America. The elevator ride will take your breath away.

Let me start by saying that this elevator ride is something you will never forget.  The moment you walk into the this building you feel like your in the future.  Everything looks so futuristic. You need a pass to enter the building.

Every person entering has a specific time they can go in.  You hand your pass to the security and it scans.  Immediately you pop up on a screen that is on the wall.  The screen has a picture of the world. A little red dot pops up when they scan your ticket. It shows everyone where you are from.  Every person that enters gets a red dot on the screen.

Once you enter, there is a museum of stories of how the building was made and interviews of people involved. They give you a brief video of the building and history of what inspired everyone to rebuild. Once your done with that you get in-line to get into elevator.

You enter this dark elevator that has no handles.  About fifteen people can fit into the elevator.  The elevator walls transform into a mirage of a ride. All four walls become a screen. You witness the history of New York. You see New York when it had farms and no skyscrapers yet. As the elevator goes up, the time goes up to speed of the elevator. You see the evolution of time in how it makes everything change around you.  It’s an amazing ride. The ride is about a minute long and you arrive to floor 102 when its over. It’s a very fast ride but you hardly feel it since your mind is distracted with the show.

Once you arrive the observatory, it’s breath taking.  You can see the whole city all around you.  You are like a bird, high up overlooking everyone in the city.

Now the ride going down is even better.  You enter the same dark elevator but it’s a different view of New York.  It takes you on a virtual ride out of your elevator to witness the night light of New York.

If you want to see for yourself, I have both videos on my Instagram account. 

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