I was not aware that fish can attack but I’ve experienced this twice in my life.  Let me tell you my fishy story.

I went to Cancun back in October of 2008.  We heard about this beautiful park that we had to visit. The park was called “Xcaret”. It was a zoo  with a natural habit that you can explore around you. We went snorkeling in an underground water tunnel that went around the whole park.  It was amazing to experience this. We decided to go snorkeling to the beach to look at the reef.  It was still part of the park’s excursions so they took a group of us in a boat to the ocean.

Everyone  jumped off the boat to explore the beautiful reef.  I was hesistant in getting off because I was scared. I had seen huge fishes swimming next to the boat. I finally had the courage and slowly went into the water like everyone else.  I was the only close to boat since everyone had swam to the reef. Suddenly, the fish attack me.  Our tour guide thought it would be funny if he threw some food at me so I can see the fish upclose.  I began to scream. I was screaming for my life. I can see all the fishes around me in the water and even some out flying to get the food. Everyone was laughing except me. I immediately got out of water and that’s was the end of my snorkeling the reef.

The second time it happened I was in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico around October 2014.  We were swimming in the beach and we could see all these small fishes around us.  My uncle got the great idea to capture them.  He had an old onion sack bag and decided to use it as a net.  He decided that he could trap the fish if we could corner them. Everyone stood around as a circle  and they began to trap them but fishes would go around someone standing.

He finally told me to chase the fish and they could go towards him. He would be on other end and wait for them to trap them.  I saw a clan of fish and thats exactly what I did. I chased them.  I scared the fish and they turned their direction towards my uncle.  Suddenly, the fish saw what was happening and then made a u turn towards me.  All the fish start flying out of the water and started attacking me.  I ran out of the water screaming because all I could see where fish flying towards me jumping in the water towards my direction.

Like I said before, I wasn’t aware that fish attack.  I never got hurt but they scared the bananas out of me. I will not mess with fish anymore.  They are very powerful when they stick together. I hope you enjoyed my fishy story.