I’m going to share a very funny story about my daughter and my son. My daughter was two years old and my son was one.  I know what your thinking, how can they be so close in age. Ha! Ha! Let’s just say that we had no tv. Okay, going back to the story.

It was time for their immunizations.  My sister-in-law was pregnant and volunteered to take them for me because I couldn’t get off work. She took them to Kaiser as a nurse visit since it was just for their immunizations.

Since both of them needed shots the nurse told my sister-in-law to wait in the hall with my son. She took my daughter into the room and gave her the immunizations that she needed.

My daughter comes out of the room and screams, “Run Nathan Run”. My son panics and  doesn’t know where to run.  He finally makes a decision to run away from the room where she was coming from.  He is running and my sister-in-law is pregnant so she can’t run after him. You see the nurse that had helped my daughter go after him.

This is sister love.  She didn’t want her brother to suffer pain like she did so she was trying to protect him.  I’ll never forgot hearing this story from my sister-in-law.  They will forever have a bond and always look-out after each other.