I want to share a story about my daughter. Terrible twos, threes, fours, and fives are the worst when kids are growing up.  She was very curious and you have to be like a hawk watching over them every step of the way.

Her grandma would babysit my kids while I was at work. One day my daughter went to the restroom. Her grandma was in the kitchen and my daughter comes out of restroom.

My daughter approaches her grandma and said, “Grandma look at me”. Grandma looks at her and there is something different about her but she can’t figure it out. Her grandma then asked her where was she coming from.  My daughter replies that she was coming from the restroom.

Grandma goes to the restroom and discovers what happened.  She yells and says, “Natalia! You shaved off your eyebrow!”. My daughter answers back , “Grandma, I did?” My daughter was only four years old and she had no idea what shaving meant. Grandma found her eyebrow hairs stuck to the razor.

When I got home that day my daughter had a new hair style look. Grandma was required to cut some bangs on her since she was missing an eyebrow.

This is the age when they are curious. Kids will be kids but this girl was one of a kind.  There was always something Natalie did to keep her grandma busy. My daughter is fifteen now and she is still trying to test her limits with me.