What is love? We all seem to have felt that feeling once in our life. I fell in love with my husband seventeen years ago.  It was a magical thing, I knew he was the one.  We both knew it.

What makes love die? I’m about to hit three years and something changed inside me.  I can’t seem to be in love with the man that I thought was my everything.  I can’t seem to love anymore.  Resentment has changed my way of seeing things and it’s affecting my ability to love.

When I become upset I tell him bluntly that I’m not in love with him anymore. I regret telling him the truth because I see how much pain I cause him. He is still in love with me. What is love? Is it just the idea of that happily ever after ending? I’m hurting inside because I see how much pain I cause my family.

I can’t love anything anymore. Why does love die? Why can’t I resuscitate it? I can’t seem to love myself right now so I know I can’t love others. I know I care for him but I’m not in love.  He will always be someone important in my life because he made me fall in love for the first time.  I hope one day I can love him again the way I once did.