My daughter just found out that one her friends died. My daughter is only fifteen years old and she faces the challenge to deal with a friend’s death. She discovered because the girlfriend posted a memo on twitter that she lost her love of her life.

I was driving and she looked very sad and tells me that she has some sad news to share with me. She starts by reminding of her friend that we just saw at Disneyland last month. I recalled that I do and shows me a picture of him with his girlfriend. Then, she tells me that his girlfriend just posted a sad tweet that he passed away.

I asked her how did he die and she says that she doesn’t know but she thinks in a car accident due to how sudden it happened. Then, I begin to lecture her that’s why I don’t want her driving. She gets upset with me that we don’t even know if that’s the reason. I tell her that I’m so sad for his family.

The next day she comes to me and tells me that she wants to talk. She now has more details of how he died. He was only nineteen years old. According to his girlfriend, they had gotten into an argument and she stopped replying to him. His mom discovered him hanging from the closet. He killed himself. I was shocked to hear this. I didn’t know what to say to my daughter.

I just told her that I can’t believe he would that and she said the same. She said that he was always happy and it just doesn’t make sense. She said that there was no note left. His mom is having a hard time with this since she is the one that discovered him. I told her that there has to more to it, a fight with his girlfriend can’t be logical. Again, I just told her that I’m sorry for his family and friends because now they have to deal with his loss.

What else can I say or do to help my daughter deal with her friend’s loss? This is going to affect her in how she sees life now.  I want to give her space but at the same time I know my daughter is hurting.