I’m sitting down in the airport waiting area with my grandma. She handed me a back-pack and told me to not let anyone open it and to hand it to my mom.

I’m sad that my summer vacation is over but glad that I’m coming home.  I’ve been 2,242 miles away from home for three months.  I’m ready to eat some juicy American hamburgers now. I will not miss those mosquito bites anymore.

While we are sitting down, this beautiful lady walks up to me with a big smile and tells me that she will be taking care of me today. She is dressed so pretty and wearing high heels and a long skirt. I remember admiring her colorful scarf she had on. Her make up was nicely done and she is wearing a bright red lipstick. She looked very nice for being a flight attendant. Her smile was very contagious, I had to smile back because it was so welcoming.

I hugged my grandma and kissed her goodbye. The flight attendant put a navy blue necklace on me that had a plastic square that was see-through hanging from it. It had my flight details and a picture of me. I guess it was put on me just in case I would get lost.

It was time to board and the flight attendant took me and another girl into the airplane.  The airplane was empty, it was just us with the flight crew. She took us to our seats and buckled me in. Once we were settled in then the rest of the passengers began to board the plane.

I remember feeling lonely because I wasn’t flying with my grandma. I was flying with all these strangers. I had no one to comfort me. The plane takes off and that was always my biggest fear.  I had no one to hold on to, just my seat’s arm rest.  I closed my eyes and prayed for the shaking to be over. We are finally up in the air and the shaking stops.

The flight attendant kept checking up on me every time she would pass.  She was very sweet and made my flight comforting. It was late so I gathered my pillow and my blanket and began to get ready to go to sleep.  It was going to be a long flight.

I fell asleep. I was in a deep sleep when I’m dreaming that I’m in an earthquake.  I woke up scared and realized that the plane is shaking. Everyone is screaming.  I begin to cry and start calling out my moms name. My mom is not here with me.  No one is here to comfort me. I just recall hearing loud voices over the announcer but I was still half asleep and I couldn’t make out what they were saying because everyone was so loud.

I just recall seeing everyone with their heads to their knees while the airplane shakes like an earthquake. I just remember closing my eyes and hoping that it was a bad dream.  I was  praying for God to wake me up because this felt like a nightmare. The shaking continued for a long time.

I begin to feel the airplane drop, it was a horrible feeling.  We finally landed.  I’m happy it’s over and everyone begins to applaud.  I survived the earthquake on the plane. The flight attendant announced that we had to make an emergency landing in Arizona. I’m confused.  What does that mean? Who is going to take care of me?

Everyone gets off the plane and the flight attendant told me to stay seated. The plane is empty and it’s just me and the other girl as the passengers. We finally get off. We walk out of the airport with her and get on a shuttle.  We get to this fancy hotel and she checks-in. I’ve never been in a hotel with a stranger but she is all I have. The other girl and I don’t even want to talk because we are both scared. I want to call my mom but I have no way to reach her.

She takes me and the the girl to this room where there are two beds.  She explains to us that this is where we will sleep and shows us a door that connects to her room. She helps us turn on the water so we can take a shower if we want to.

I took a shower and put on the same clothes I had on because I had no clothes in my backpack. The other girl didn’t want to shower, she went to lay down in her bed.  I didn’t sleep much that night.  I remember being confused as to what just happened. I felt my bed shaking still when I would fall sleep. I remember seeing  the lights from outside shine into our room.  We were high up in this building and I was sleeping with strangers in this beautiful hotel.

We woke up early the next morning and left to the airport. Everyone at the airport would have to make lines and we would just pass through the side of the security check-point with the flight attendant.  I was still walking with my back-pack. We got onto another plane.  I was sitting  in front now and with the other girl.  The girl and I would just look at each other, we were both scared to show our emotions.  I wanted to cry and so did she but we were trying to hold it in.

We finally arrived to California.  I was so happy to hear that we arrived to our final destination. Again, I see a bunch of people in line going through customs inspections and I just walked through with my flight attendant. She walked me out and delivers me to my mom. I see my mom and hug her and kiss her. My mom is crying.  She begins to hug me and tells me that she will never let me go again.

I begin to ask my mom about what happened to our plane.  She tells me that we hit a very bad storm and that we had to make an emergency landing due to airplane problems. I tell her that I don’t want to go on an airplane again, it was scary of how it was shaking. I hand her the back-pack and my grandma had given me and she  begins to take out some huge mangos from the back-pack.  She begins to eat a mango while we drive home.

Later in my life, I realized what my mom had done. She made me smuggle mangos internationally for her.  It’s illegal to bring fruits with seeds and she managed to make me do that. My family is crazy, that’s all I have to say. She found a flaw in the system back in the day. Now due to 9/11 everything has changed but I was an international smuggler at a very young age.