I’ve been doing scorekeeping for a baseball tournament that was hosted in my city this whole week.  I’ve witness some incredible plays by six and seven year olds.

The first game I did scorekeeping was so sad. The team lost by a mercy rule. They were never able to score a single run and the game ended at the bottom of the 3rd inning. The score was 10-0.  The other team that won were playing in a different level.

It’s day 5 of the tournament and  I get to see that team that had lost, play again.  In the beginning of the game, they were struggling to get hits but they were playing well defensively. They were the only team I had seen in the tournament that had a girl playing.  I thought that was so amazing because all the other teams only had boys.

The second game I witnessed was breathtaking.  They finally are getting their hits and scoring.  Only one player was not having a good beginning.  He looked like he was ten years old, a very big boy.  His name was Weezie. Every time he would come to bat he would whine up to destroy that ball but missed it.  Everyone would cheer so loud for him but he would strike out.

It was the six inning and it was unlimited runs now. The other team had 15 and they had 14.  They were down one and had two runners on base and Weezie was up to bat. They had two outs and they couldn’t afford another one. Weezie had striked out twice in this game earlier.  The odds were against him but you can feel the love from the parents.  They are cheering for him and calling out his name.

Everyone on the stands are cheering for him regardless of his past strike-out history. He comes to the plate and sets up. He swings at the first pitch. Weezie hits the ball and it goes over the outfielders head.  He is running as fast as he can. The brings in the two runners and he can’t run anymore.  He makes it to third base. Everyone in the crowd goes crazy because now they are up one.

I really enjoyed watching those moments because I could feel everyone’s love for him.  They ended up winning the game and eliminated the other team from continuation. The final score ended up being 19-15. I was a witness to this accomplishment.  They never gave up.

The funniest moments during this tournament was seeing all the boys and one girl slide into home. Some would slide through tummies first and others would slide feet first. But the funniest one was a player that was sliding and he slid to soon. He slid feet first. He was about half a feet away from home plate when he came to rest. He needed to touch home plate so then he begins to stretch his legs an inch at a time to reach it while still sitting on the floor. He was so far away that it took him about 4-5 times to finally touch it.  All the parents notice this moment and it was hilarious to be part of it.