“Levántate! Levántate! I hear these words in my dream. I’m sleeping on my bed and I continue to hear these words.  “Levántate” is a Spanish word that means “Get up”. Now, I feel something hitting me while I hear these words again.  It’s not a dream, I’m awake.  I see my uncle holding some green plants in his hands and whipping me with them.  Every whip he would repeat the words, “Levántate”.

He definitely knows to how to wake someone up.  I’m fully awake and he still continues to whip me with the plants on my feet. I’m so confused.  He can see that I’m awake but continues to do his ritual. I start to think that I’m still asleep, maybe I’m awake in my dream. I’m extremely confused as to what is going on.

He suddenly stops. He walks closer to me and starts springling  water over me and saying weird things. I see him holding an egg and he begins to move the egg around my head. At first I thought he was going to pop the egg on my forehead. But he is just holding it and rubbing the egg all over, but it’s still in it’s shell.

I want to cry so bad but I’m scared of my uncle.  No one is around and I don’t know what to do. I let him do his ritual. I realized that I’m not dreaming, I’m fully awake now. He is done. He walks away with the egg in his hand. My mom suddenly walks in and gives me a tea to drink. The tea tasted horrible. I started to cry and asking where was she and what just happened.  She tells me that someone got me sick and I needed to be clean.

I have been fighting a fever for the last couple of days.  She explained that this ritual will help me get better sooner. I didn’t understand how whipping someone with a plant would help me  get better but I survived my crazy family rituals. Does your family have a ritual?