I was asleep in my bed and suddenly I feel someone next to me.  At first, I thought I was asleep and having a bad nightmare.  Then, I realize that it was a ghost. It would only come out at night time. I was always afraid of the dark because you can’t see what’s hiding.  I tried to go back to sleep because I was too scared to know what was laying next to me.  I would be rolled up sideways and this ghost would come from behind me.  I pretended to be asleep and I hoped it would go away. I wanted to scream but I was too scared to show fear. I felt this ghost rubbing it’s body next mine and touching me inappropriately. I was between eight to ten years old and no one had ever touched my body the way this was ghost was touching me.  He was moaning and breathing very hard next to me. I remembering smelling a weird scent that came from this ghost that was like a old damp towel smell.  I recall wanting to throw up because it was very strong.  I would just lay there and pretend that I was asleep while he continued to thrust his body next to mine.

I remember waking up the next morning feeling dirty.  I had that scent over me and I could smell it in my bed.  I knew there was something wrong but how can I explain that to my family.  They would look at me like if I was crazy and I just thought I was it was bad dream since the ghost eventually left.  The next night,  I decided to block my door with my dresser and the ghost didn’t come into my room that night.  I was so happy that I defeated the ghost.  As time went by, I forgot about the ghost but I wouldn’t forgot to block my door.

Suddenly, one night I felt the ghost in my bed again.  I was so confused because I had blocked the door and it had managed to push it open.  This time it was more aggressive in touching me and grabbing my hands to touch him.  I felt so violated but I couldn’t do anything.  I would pray to God to take this ghost away.  Was I that bad of a child that this was my punishment?  I remember my grandma always lecturing me that if I wouldn’t behave, the Devil would be called.  Was this the Devil?  I had so many thoughts going through my mind, that I couldn’t rationalize what was happening to me

I survived the second time of this happening to me.  I became scared to go to sleep because I didn’t want the ghost to come to my room.  I remember begging my grandma to sleep with me.  She didn’t like to sleep on beds and she was accustomed to sleep on the floor. I decide to sleep with my grandma on the floor and sometimes go sleep in my aunt and uncles room on the floor when my grandma was not available.  I would wake up scared because my family would take me to my bed once I’ve fallen asleep.

As I grew older, this ghost would come into my room and I knew the routine to stay quiet.  I faced my destiny to be visited once in a while by this ghost.  I thought this was normal for kids to experience as they grow.

It was a hot day and my family had made chocolate bananas for us to enjoy outside.  My cousins and uncles where all enjoying their snack.  I remember getting mine and walking to sit down where my two young uncles were sitting. One of my youngest uncles got up and went inside and I was left alone with my older uncle.  I began to bite my chocolate banana and he began to moan and make noises.  I immediately recognized the moan and I became scared. He continued to do it as I tried to eat my snack and I became to disgusted that I went inside to throw up. My childhood memories of being touched came to life and I couldn’t control my emotions. I was already between twelve and thirteen years old when I discovered who my ghost was.