I woke up from my sleeping spell and had enough.  My kids and my husband were always on their electronic devices and I was the only one not exploring that.  I had avoided getting a smart phone because I didn't want to be like them, addicted to technology.

One day, I decided to upgrade my dinosaur phone into an iPhone.  I'm not going to lie, at first I was frustrated because I was not technology savvy and I couldn't figure out how to make an outbound call.  But once I began to play with my new toy, I began to learn how to use it.

I love the honeymoon stage because you can't get enough of your new toy.  I went from not having any social media to having it all at once.   This is when the problems began, I began to become just like them but I didn't care.  I wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine.

I started to waste all my time being on Facebook, began checking in to all the places I would go, and obviously post pictures of myself.  I was able to connect with all my old school friends and see what they were up to and spend countless hours reading their post and looking at their pictures.  Then, I decided to play a poker game online.

I've only played poker with actual people, not virtual.  It was definitely a different experience.  On the poker app you get to upload a picture and put any name as your username. I began playing and suddenly all these strangers would request to be my friends online.  As you play, you can also chat with them and use emojis to express your feelings or reactions.

I enjoyed playing poker because I felt that it was a little getaway from my reality.  My marriage was falling apart and I was having some issues with my kids so I couldn't physically escape so I thought I was not harming anyone. I became friends with a guy from India and our friendship became sexual.  We wouldn't even play poker anymore we would just chat about our sexual fantasies.

He convinced me to give him my real name so we can chat on Facebook.  I didn't see any harm so I did.  We became Facebook friends and soon we were using messanger to FaceTime each other.  In my mind, I needed an escape from reality so I wasn't physically being with anyone so I didn't see it as cheating.  We both exchanged pictures and we would FaceTime through messenger. I was addicted to his attention.  It was like a drug of being bad.

We continued this behavior for almost two weeks until I met someone else on poker.  I didn't want to play with his feelings to I told him that I was no longer interested but we can remain friends. He didn't take it so well.  Whenever he would see me playing poker he wanted my attention. I would have to log off and FaceTime him to explain that I wasn't into him anymore but he wanted my attention.

I finally decided to unfriend him on Facebook and block him from being my friend on poker and that's when he became angry.  I didn't have my friends list blocked on Facebook so he decided to contact my cousin that was very attractive to see if she would play with him the same way I did. He would make fake profiles on poker so I could add him as my friend so he could reach it to me.  When he began this behavior I knew I was in trouble.

How was I going to explain this to my husband that I was virtually sexting another man that I had no intention of ever seeing.  My marriage was already over but it was just the point that I was scared that he would find out.  So I had to tell my cousin that this crazy guy is also bugging me to block him and I had to log into my account and manually block him and block my friends list.  I had to create a new name for me on poker and delete people I never really played poker with and stop accepting new friends request.

I didn't hear from him for over a month so I thought this was over with and I survived.  Little did I know that he was able to locate my husband and he messaged him directly on Facebook.  He told my husband everything we had done together and that he was going to post my dirty pictures on the internet if I wouldn't contact him.  I was so scared that my life was over.

I had to unblock him and FaceTime him and begged him to stop harassing my family.  I reminded him that this was supposed to be just for fun and now he made this a nightmare.  He would just laugh at me and tell me that he wanted my cousin to send me him naughty pictures and he would go away.  I realized at the moment that he was sick.  I had to take action and remove all my social media accounts so he wouldn't be able to contact me anymore or my family.  I had to change my name on Facebook and remove all my friends from being associated with me.  Even my husband had to do the same due to my mistake.

A month past and no sign from him when suddenly I get a text from a weird number asking if this was my number.  I was scared to reply so I ignored it when suddenly he keeps messaging me that it's him and he knows where I live and he is sending two men to rape me.  I was home alone and I couldn't breathe.  I immediately went outside to put a lock on my side gate to my house and put my alarm on.  I couldn't breathe and I was so scared that he had been watching me and I had my guard down. I was so ashamed of myself that I had done this to my family because I needed an escape and now my virtual escape became a virtual reality.