It was my anniversary and we were going on a cruise without the kids.  My husband had a great idea to buy some sex toys to spice up the sex.  We were finally drunk on our first night and had the courage to open up the toys.  We were giggling like little kids opening the package and I was trying to read instructions and it didn’t have any.  So, I felt a little scared trying to put some rings on his cock because it was our first time experimenting.  We did our thing and went to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up to go eat breakfast. We tried to find the one of the rings and we couldn’t locate it.  We knew that housekeeping would come in that morning so eventually they will find it.  I was very embarrassed that they would find it but I was sure that housekeeping had found other stuff similar to mine in the past.

We went back to our room after breakfast to change into our swimsuits and we imagined our ring being found.  At the same time, we were hoping the housekeeper would just throw it away thinking it was trash but I didn’t want to ask.  We continued to enjoy our cruise and tried to forget about our missing cock ring.

Five months later, I went to see my doctor for my routine paps smear that I get annually.   It was like any other day, I knew the drill.  I was laying there when my doctor starts to perform the paps smear and suddenly I hear her say that she sees something strange inside me.  At first, I had informed her that for the past 5 months I’ve been having so many urinary tract infections and yeast infections but I just thought it was  because I had been working out and not changing clothes immediately.

Suddenly it hit me.  When she said that there is something stuck inside me but she can’t get it, I started laughing. I told her that I know now  what is inside me.  I felt so embarrassed but I had to confess.  I told her it was a sex ring and now it makes sense where it went.  So she was hesitant at first to get it and I had to convince her to pull it out of me.  She struggled but she got it out.  The ring was very small and smooth surface when we used it and because it was inside me for over five months the plastic had expanded to 4 times its size and it had bubbled all around.

Sex toys should never be used under the influence of alcohol or else something like this could happen to you. I never thought that this would happen to me but it did.  Sex toys can be fun but they are deceiving.  I hope everyone learns from personal experience.  Don’t play with sex toys, its not worth it.